GMC Acadia Sales 2006-2024

If you’re in the market for a new mid-size SUV, chances are you’ve heard plenty about GMC Acadia Sales over the years. As one of GMC’s best-selling nameplates, the Acadia consistently attracts buyers thanks to its blend of versatility, value and refinement.

A Brief History of GMC Acadia Sales

The Acadia first came out back in 2006 as a 2007 model. It was GMC’s entry into the growing crossover/SUV market. In the early years, GMC Acadia Sales were pretty solid as it helped the brand compete in this hot segment. The original design had 3 rows of seats and could seat up to 8 people, which made it appealing for families. It got some styling refreshes and updates through 2012 before the next generation debuted.

GMC Acadia Sales 2006-2024

Generation 2 Arrives

In 2017, the all-new second generation Acadia hit the market. This version downsized slightly and moved from being a full-size SUV to a mid-sizer. The redesign made it sleeker and sportier looking. GMC Acadia Sales remained strong as reviews praised the updated tech, comfort, and driving dynamics. This generation continues today with regular improvements each model year.

Looking at the GMC Acadia Sales Numbers

I found some really helpful data on GMC Acadia Sales over on GMC website. They have monthly and annual sales figures going all the way back to when it first launched. In 2007, the inaugural year, Acadia sales totaled over 72,000 units – not too shabby for a new model.

Sales generally held pretty steady in the high 60,000 to low 90,000 range each year through the late 2010s. The redesign to gen 2 seemed to give it a nice bump, with over 111,000 sold in 2017. More recently, GMC Acadia Sales have been in the high 80,000s and low 100,000s. Not bad at all for a mid-size SUV in today’s crowded market.

GMC Acadia Sales 2006-2024

Powertrain Options

Under the hood, GMC Acadia buyers have a couple different engine choices. The base motor is a 2.5L 4-cylinder putting out about 185 horsepower. It’s efficient but not too peppy. Most folks opt for the upgraded 3.6L V6 pumping out a healthier 310 horses. Both engines can be paired with either front-wheel or all-wheel drive depending on weather needs. Fuel economy is decent too, in the low-to-mid 20s on the highway.

Popular Features of GMC Acadia

When looking at top GMC Acadia trim levels and options, a few features seem to really attract buyers. The panoramic sunroof is a favorite for letting lots of natural light in. The premium Bose audio system with extra speakers delivers impressive sound.

Leather seats are a must-have for comfort and durability over the years. The tech package bundles up the latest infotainment with navigation, connected services, and driver assists. Folks also rave about the third row seating – it’s surprisingly roomy for adults on shorter trips.

GMC Acadia Sales 2006-2024

What Do Reviews Say About GMC Acadia Sales?

Automotive reviewers generally give the GMC Acadia high marks across the board. It consistently gets praise for its comfortable ride quality, quiet cabin, user-friendly tech interface and features. Cargo and passenger space is also called out as a strength.

On the downside, some say the base 4-cylinder can feel underpowered and the third row is tight for full size adults. Reliability has also been a minor issue in certain model years according to owner feedback. But overall impressions are very positive, especially compared to other mid-size SUV competitors from Honda, Toyota, Ford and more.

Comparing GMC Acadia Sales Over The Years

It’s interesting to compare the GMC Acadia Sales numbers over the different model years. As I mentioned earlier, sales were strongest in the first few years after each redesign. For the original generation, Acadia sales peaked in 2007 at over 72,000 units. Then they generally held pretty steady in the high 60,000s to low 90,000s range through 2015.

The second generation got a big boost with over 111,000 Acadias sold in 2017. More recently, GMC Acadia Sales have leveled off to the high 80,000s and low 100,000s. It’s clear both generations attracted buyers when new, then maintained solid sales as they aged. Overall the Acadia has been one of GMC’s top-selling nameplates for many years based on these figures.

GMC Acadia Sales 2006-2024

How GMC Acadia Sales Compare to Competitors

It’s also worthwhile to see how GMC Acadia Sales stack up against some key competitors in the mid-size SUV segment. One of the top direct rivals is the Honda Pilot, which typically sells around 80,000-100,000 units per year. The Toyota Highlander regularly outsells the Acadia with numbers closer to 110,000-130,000 annually.

Over at Ford, the Edge has similar GMC Acadia Sales in the high 80,000 range. And the Nissan Murano trails slightly behind at 60,000-80,000 units. So while not always number one, the Acadia holds its own against these strong-selling nameplates year after year. It proves the model has enduring popularity among mid-size SUV shoppers.

Should You Consider One?

If you’re in the market for a new or used mid-size SUV, the GMC Acadia deserves a spot on your test drive list. The styling is bold and distinctive without being over the top. It delivers a smooth highway ride along with nimble handling for city streets.

Cargo, passenger and third row room ranks among the best in class. And GMC Acadia Sales numbers prove it’s a popular choice for families, commuters and more. The starting price is reasonable too. Be sure to check out the latest incentives, as deals can make an already good value even better.

Final Thought

The GMC Acadia has proven itself a mainstay in the competitive mid-size SUV segment. Strong reviews and consistent GMC Acadia Sales numbers show it hits the mark for what families, commuters and active lifestylers are looking for.

Whether you’re considering a new or used model, the Acadia deserves a test drive. Stop by your local GMC dealer or check their website for the latest deals and incentives. With solid reliability ratings and a reputation for comfort, I think you’ll find this is one versatile crossover that’s worth your time.


What trims are most popular?

The SLE and SLT trims see the highest GMC Acadia sales numbers. Both offer a good mix of standard and available features at competitive prices.

When is the best time to buy?

End-of-year closeouts in November-December tend to have the best deals on current-year Acadias. Lease returns in late spring can also offer low pricing on like-new off-lease models.

How do leases and incentives work?

GMC frequently runs special financing and lease programs to boost Acadia sales. Make sure to check their website or with a dealer for current offers which may include low APR, cash back, or reduced lease payments.

What engine gets better fuel economy?

The 2.5L 4-cylinder is rated higher at 26 MPG highway versus the V6 at 24 MPG highway. But most buyers prefer the V6’s extra power off the line for merging and passing.

How many people can it comfortably seat?

While the 3rd row expands capacity to 8, most adults find the back row cramped for long trips. The Acadia’s strength is seating 7 passengers comfortably with room for cargo too.

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