GMC Acadia Wheel Center Caps

GMC Acadia wheel center caps are an often overlooked but important part of your vehicle’s wheels. While they may seem small and insignificant, GMC Acadia wheel center caps serve an important purpose in protecting your wheels and lug nuts from damage. Taking proper care of them can help them last the life of your vehicle.

What Are They?

So in case you’re not familiar, GMC Acadia wheel center caps are those little round pieces that cover the center of your wheels, usually with the car brand logo or something printed on them. They help protect the lug nuts and wheel hub from getting damaged.

GMC Acadia Wheel Center Caps

Keeping Wheel Center Caps Looking Fresh

It’s easy for GMC Acadia wheel center caps to get dirty over time from all the road grime and brake dust. Dirt and grim can really make them look dull. So every few months I like to take them off and give them a good cleaning to keep them looking their best.

I usually just use some soap and water. Sometimes if they’re really caked with brake dust, I’ll use a toothbrush to scrub them. Just be gentle so you don’t scratch the logo or anything. Rinse them off good when you’re done. You can also use some plastic polish or even just some toothpaste to buff out any light scratches.

Replacing Worn Out GMC Acadia Wheel Center Caps

GMC Acadia Wheel Center Caps

After a few years, GMC Acadia wheel center caps can start to look pretty worn down. The logo might fade or even get scratched off. And sometimes the clips that hold them on can break too.

When they get to that point, it’s usually best to just replace them. New GMC Acadia wheel center caps aren’t too expensive, usually around $10-20 each depending on where you get them. You can find them at most auto parts stores or even online.

Installing new ones is pretty simple. Just pry off the old ones and pop the new ones into place. Make sure they click in securely so they don’t fall off. And voila, your wheels will have a fresh new look again with shiny new GMC Acadia wheel center caps!

Customizing your GMC Acadia wheel center caps

GMC Acadia Wheel Center Caps

Now if you want to get really creative, you can even customize your GMC Acadia wheel center caps and make them unique. A lot of shops offer custom designs that you can get printed on caps. This is a fun way to add your own personal flair.

You can find tons of design options online. Popular ones include things like your name or initials, cool graphics, sports team logos, funny sayings, and more. They print right onto the caps.

It’s also becoming more common to see people plasti-dipping or wrapping their wheel center caps too. This is where they spray or wrap them with a colored vinyl for a custom look. I’ve seen some real wild designs done this way.

So if you want your ride to stand out from the crowd, customized GMC Acadia wheel center caps are a fun and easy way to do it!

Tips For Removing Stubborn GMC Acadia Wheel Center Caps

Sometimes GMC Acadia wheel center caps can be really stuck on there good, especially if they’re older. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned over the years to help break them free:

GMC Acadia Wheel Center Caps

  • Use a small flathead screwdriver or trim tool to carefully pry around the edge. Go slow so you don’t scratch anything.
  • Try putting a little penetrating oil like WD-40 around the edge where it meets the wheel hub. Let it soak in for a bit before prying.
  • Gently tap around the outer edge with a rubber mallet to help loosen any rust or corrosion holding it tight.
  • Use pliers with some cloth or tape wrapped around the jaws to get a good grip without marring the surface.
  • As a last resort, very carefully use a heat gun on low setting around the edge to expand the metal just a tiny bit. Be careful not to melt anything!

With some patience and the right tools, you should be able to break those stubborn GMC Acadia wheel center caps free. Just take your time so you don’t damage anything.

Common GMC Acadia Wheel Center Cap Problems

A few issues can come up with GMC Acadia wheel center caps over time. Here’s what to watch out for:

GMC Acadia Wheel Center Caps

  1. Cracks or broken clips – This is the most common problem. The plastic can dry out and crack, or clips holding them on can break off.
  2. Loose fit – Over time, the caps may start to feel loose and wobbly on the wheel when you push or pull on them.
  3. Faded or worn logos – Especially on older vehicles, sun exposure can cause the printed logo to fade into an ugly blur.
  4. Missing caps – It’s not uncommon for one to pop off accidentally during a car wash or pothole. Always good to have a spare.
  5. Scratches or dings – Caps take a beating from road debris. Deep gouges may require replacement.

So check your GMC Acadia wheel center caps periodically. Catching small issues early can prevent needing to replace them later on down the road. With some TLC, they’ll last the life of your ride!

Final Thought

With the right care and maintenance, GMC Acadia wheel center caps don’t have to be something you ignore. A little cleaning every few months and keeping an eye out for common issues can help them stay looking fresh. And don’t be afraid to have fun customizing them to make your ride unique.

By following these tips, your GMC Acadia wheel center caps should continue to protect your wheels for many miles to come. I hope this guide has helped you better understand the role of GMC Acadia wheel center caps and how to keep them in good condition.


How do I know what size center caps I need?

The size is usually stamped somewhere on the back side of the cap. Common sizes for GMC Acadias are 13⁄4” or 13⁄8”. You can also take your old cap to an auto parts store to get an exact match. Make sure to double check the fit before leaving the store.

Can I use aftermarket caps?

Absolutely. Aftermarket caps are usually cheaper than OEM and come in many more designs. Just be sure they are the correct size for your wheels. Quality ones are made of durable ABS plastic and clips that fit securely. I’ve had good luck with caps from companies like Rugged Ridge.

Will plasti-dip hold up on caps?

Plasti-dip is a popular option for customizing caps. But be aware it may not last as long as a factory finish. Factors like weather, washing and wheel contact can cause it to chip or peel over time. For best results, apply several thin coats and consider re-coating yearly. Clear coating the top helps protect the color layer.

What’s the easiest way to clean really dirty caps?

For heavy dirt or baked-on grime, I’ve found using an old toothbrush with some degreasing soap works well. Let it soak a few minutes before scrubbing. An plastic/vinyl adhesive remover can also help break down stubborn deposits. Just be careful of any printed logos. Rinsing thoroughly is key to prevent residue.

How do I stop my caps from rattling?

If caps develop a loose, rattling fit it’s usually because the retaining clips have weakened. Try gently bending the clips inward slightly with pliers. You can also place a small piece of felt or rubber between the cap and wheel to act as a dampener. Making sure they are pushed all the way on also helps eliminate play.

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