2002 GMC Envoy Third Brake Light Moulding Replacement

If you’re driving a 2002 GMC Envoy, you’ve probably noticed that your third brake light doesn’t have a moulding. If this is the case, you’re likely worried about a short circuit that could occur when the moulding isn’t present. Fortunately, there are some easy steps to take to replace the missing moulding in your vehicle.

Molding is missing on a 2002 gmc envoy third brake light

The third brake light is a red-colored light on the back of the vehicle. It illuminates when the vehicle slows down, and it’s attached higher than standard brake lights. This makes it very visible to other drivers. However, this light is a replacement and you should not spend a lot of money replacing it. It’s only a few dollars and you can get it from a local dealership for under $20.

The problem could be due to a broken molding or a damaged housing. In this case, the light may not illuminate properly and may also cause a short circuit. If the light isn’t working, you should take it to a certified mechanic. This will make sure that the light is working properly. If the molding is damaged, moisture may seep into the light housing, causing it to malfunction.

Short circuit is caused by a missing moulding

If you’re experiencing intermittent brake problems, it may be due to a faulty third brake light. Regardless of the cause, the most effective solution is to replace the entire assembly. This problem occurs on many models and is usually caused by a faulty moulding.

In June 2010, a consumer reported that his/her 2006 GMC Envoy was unable to come out of park. The consumer drove the vehicle to a dealership but was unable to determine the exact cause. Upon inspection, the consumer noted that the rear end of his/her Envoy was sitting low. The rear end air suspension needed to be replaced. He also noticed that the defroster and air conditioning were not working when he or she tried to operate them.

To determine whether a loose wire is causing the problem, you may need to check the power feed line to the third brake light. You can also check for a loose wire using a test light. A public library may also have wiring diagrams that can help you identify the problem.

The problem can also affect other lights on the car. In colder climates, this issue may occur. It is likely caused by ice buildup around the shift cable and manual shaft connection. A good solution to this problem is to purchase an aftermarket transmission shield. Some owners have also reported experiencing a “shudder” in 6th gear when shifting from 4Hi. To resolve the problem, you may want to upgrade the software in the TCM.

Replacement parts are available at O’Reilly Auto Parts

If you’re having trouble seeing your tail lights, you may need to replace them. A rear-end collision can damage these lights, and the lens may also lose clarity due to natural chemical reactions. Additionally, the housing can develop cracks that allow moisture to collect inside. At O’Reilly Auto Parts, you can find the replacement parts you need for these lights, including the necessary bulbs.

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