GMC Press Brake

The GMC press brake is designed and manufactured in Taiwan, and is made of high-quality components. It comes with a robust die library and two-axis ESA CNC controller, allowing you to program and store thousands of programs for a variety of tonnages. The GMC press brake is available in various tonnages, including 70 tons and 60 tons.

70 ton press brake

The 70 ton GMC press brake has a large bending force, allowing it to bend stainless steel and soft steel. It can be used for either short or long strokes. The robust design and simple adaptability makes this machine an excellent choice for smaller workshops folding light metal.

45 ton press brake with ESA 625 controller

The GMC HPB-4504 two-axis hydraulic CNC press brake is a high quality Taiwan-made machine that comes with an ESA 625 controller. It features a robust steel framework and quality hydraulic and electronic components. In addition, it has a long stroke and adjustable height.

70 ton press brake with ESA 625 controller

If you’re in the market for a new press brake, you may want to look at the GMC HPB-7006 with two axis ESA Control. This machine has a high-quality steel frame and is designed in the USA. It also features quality hydraulic and electronic components.

Featuring an affordable price, easy operation, and convenient after-sales service, this hydraulic press brake is an excellent choice. It has a high-quality hydraulic valve that is durable and resistant to high pressure. It also has emergency stop and rapid return functions.

60 ton press brake with ESA 625 controller

The ESA 625 controller comes with the 60 ton GMC press brake, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust its functions. This unit is designed with a large touch screen and includes a dual foot pedal operation system. It also comes with manual controls and a 30-inch manual backgauge.

The ESA 625 controller is a great addition to any press brake. This controller allows you to control the pressure, ram height, and more. The machine can also be equipped with an Automec CNC 9X9 controller. It also comes with safety features such as a safety gate and side door guards.

The ESA 625 controller is one of the best in the market. It allows you to program the machine with a variety of programs. You can transfer the programs via USB or Ethernet. With this controller, you can even operate an anthropomorphic robot. Moreover, it allows you to monitor the thickness of the plates and automatically correct the bending process. In addition, it comes with a Mitutoyo protractor, which can measure angles during the process.

GMC Press Brake for you.

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