How to Install a GMC Exhaust Brake

Exhaust brakes are a great way to improve the performance of your vehicle and extend the life of your brakes. This not only increases vehicle operational versatility, but also lowers vehicle maintenance costs. Moreover, an exhaust brake is an inexpensive way to add more operational versatility and peace of mind to your vehicle.


The Design of GMC exhaust brake helps the car to control itself by providing the appropriate amount of braking force. The exhaust brake varies braking force according to the type of vehicle, grade, and load. This system helps the driver to feel more in control of the car, making the braking process smooth and easy. The braking system also features a Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorber (CPVA), a torque converter damper designed to reduce vibration and noise. This absorbing damper has a secondary spring mass that helps to cancel engine torsional vibrations.

The exhaust brake system functions similarly on automatic and manual transmission trucks. In manual transmission trucks, the exhaust brake activates when the engine reaches a certain RPM. This brake reduces the speed of the vehicle by using the engine and transmission. It also uses the turbocharger of the engine to provide back-pressure reduction.


In both automatic and manual transmission trucks, the exhaust brake is a common feature. The exhaust brake works by using the engine and transmission to slow the vehicle down. It also helps to extend the life of the brakes and transmission. In both types of transmissions, the exhaust brake is operated by a switch incorporated into the smart arm. The switch is opened and closed by pulling the arm forward or backward. The system will display a symbol on the dashboard when it is operating properly.

This auxiliary device prevents the vehicle from overheating by reducing brake wear. In addition, the exhaust brake extends the brake life by minimizing the need for brake repairs and increases operational versatility.


A GMC exhaust brake is a great way to slow down your truck and reduce the wear on your service brakes. These brakes come in turbo mount and remote mount types and work by utilizing your truck’s factory-equipped VGT turbocharger. There are also mechanical brakes, which utilize a throttle style butterfly valve to retard the engine’s horsepower. You can find exhaust brakes made by BD Power, Pacbrake, and Banks.

Exhaust brakes are easy to install and operate. They are easy to use in an emergency and don’t produce any noise. They are a great way to reduce brake service costs and add a little bit of security if you travel through hilly terrain.

Design differences

The design differences between a GM exhaust brake and a Ford’s exhaust brake are primarily based on how these two vehicles are powered. A Ford can be powered by a gasoline engine, while a GMC can be powered by a diesel engine. In either case, the brakes will help to slow the vehicle.

A GMC exhaust brake is a great way to add braking performance to your truck. It can help you extend the life of your brakes, reducing vehicle maintenance costs while adding operational versatility and giving you peace of mind. But be careful: not all exhaust brakes are created equally. Some bypass exhaust flow while providing little or no braking effect, while others restrict exhaust flow in the open position. Look for a premium design that combines safety and reliability with effective supplementary braking capabilities.


The first step in the installation process is to remove the steering wheel cover and locate the tow/haul mode wiring connector. You can find this connector on top of the steering column under the shifter. After you locate this connector, tap into it using the posi-tap that is included in the installation kit. Connect the white wire to the exhaust brake controller. Then, connect the position switch and wiring.

This installation will increase the life of your brakes by two to three times. This will help you maintain your vehicle more effectively, and save you money in the long run. Additionally, exhaust brakes are more convenient to use. They can be installed on any type of vehicle.

How to Install a GMC Exhaust Brake for you.

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