2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab Discontinued for Ordering

Ever since GMC announced they would no longer take orders for the 2024 Sierra HD Chassis Cab, I’ve been pondering what this means for the future of their commercial truck lineup. As someone who has relied on these workhorses for years, its discontinuation left me with questions.

What Makes the 2024 Sierra HD Chassis Cab Special?

The 2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab has been the brand’s premier heavy-duty pickup offering a no-frills work truck platform. Based on the Sierra 3500 HD dual rear wheel cab and chassis configuration, it ditches the bed for a bare frame ready for upfitting. Two gas V8 engines were available – the 6.6L turbodiesel making 445 hp and 910 lb-ft of torque or a 6.6L gas V8 with 401 hp and 464 lb-ft.

2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab

Both engines bolted to a six-speed automatic and sent power through a two-speed transfer case to a rear axle with a staggering 30,000-lb GVWR. Other highlights included heavy-duty cooling, brakes and suspension for tough towing and hauling. It was the perfect blank canvas for everything from service trucks to dump beds and more.

Why Did Orders Stop for the 2024 Model?

No official reason has been given but the speculation is GM wants to focus on electric trucks going forward. The 2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab likely didn’t meet upcoming emissions standards either. With so much money going into battery tech, it was probably deemed not worth it to re-engineer the gas engines.

2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab

Commercial customers also want lower operating costs that EVs potentially offer. Still, ditching the tried-and-true gas chassis cab so abruptly left a hole in GMC’s fleet lineup that will be hard to fill quickly with electrics. A shame they couldn’t keep it around just a bit longer.

Will There Be an Electric Replacement?

It’s a safe bet GMC has electric trucks in the works to eventually slot in above the Sierra 1500, including potential chassis cab models. Their upcoming Sierra EV pickup will use GM’s new BT1 truck platform engineered to support different body types. But don’t expect an electric Sierra HD chassis cab before late 2025 at the absolute earliest given development cycles.

2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab

In the meantime, work truck customers will need to look elsewhere. Ford’s electric E-Transit is coming, and automakers like Freightliner offer diesel chassis cabs that could potentially be adapted with range extenders. It’s a big opportunity for GMC‘s competitors while they wait for GM’s electric commercial trucks to arrive.

What About Diesel Fuel Support?

Another open question is whether GM will continue supporting diesel fuels long-term, which are still crucial for work trucks. Their 6.6L gas V8 was never great on fuel compared to diesels. Will they bring back a new turbodiesel if demand is there? Or switch work trucks to alternative fuels like renewable natural gas?

2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab

It’s a tough situation balancing new tech, costs, and the needs of commercial customers. GMC will need to have answers for diesel if they want fleets to wait years for electric replacements. Gas just doesn’t cut it for many applications.

Will the 2024 Sierra HD Chassis Cab Return?

All signs point to the 2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab being gone for good. GM is pushing hard on EVs now with billions invested. I’d be surprised if they tool up gas or diesel engines again just for a niche work truck. More likely the platform will live on in spirit when electric Sierra chassis cabs arrive later in the decade.

2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab

In the meantime, commercial buyers are in a tough spot with this hole in GMC’s lineup. It was nice to have the gas option while waiting for batteries to improve. Hopefully electrics progress fast so fleets aren’t left stranded without a GM workhorse for long. Exciting times but a big change from the tried-and-true HD chassis cab.

Speculation on Powertrain Upgrades for the Future 2024 Sierra HD Chassis Cab

While the current gas engines in the 2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab get the job done, there’s always room for improvement. If GM does decide to bring the model back short term, I could see them debuting an updated version of the 6.6L turbodiesel. Maybe with more power and torque, plus better fuel efficiency.

2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab

A new 10-speed or even 12-speed automatic transmission would help maximize performance from the diesel too. On the gas side, an improved 6.6L or possible new small-block V8 could up the ante. But diesel is still king for work. I’m sure fleet customers would welcome any upgrades that could tow or haul even more.

Outlook on the Eventual Electric 2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab

All signs point to the 2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab being reborn as an electric model down the road. But what might it look like? Dual electric motors with around 500 horsepower combined seem fitting. A massive battery pack would provide serious torque for towing while also offering decent range.

2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab

Fast charging capabilities are a must for work applications too. Fleets won’t want to sit around all day filling up. I’m sure GM will engineer plenty of configuration options to handle different body upfits as well. An electric chassis cab could truly be a game changer for commercial fleets if done right. Roll on 2025!

Final Thought

While the halt of the 2024 GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab signals the end of an era for gas-powered work trucks, it also represents an exciting new chapter as battery technology advances. GMC and the entire industry face challenges in the coming years to give fleets suitable electric replacements.

But I have no doubt that when production electric models like the Sierra eventually arrive, they will build upon the renowned toughness and reliability of trucks like the 2024 Sierra HD Chassis Cab. It’s an emotional time to see this icon go, but the future remains bright for both GMC and the commercial vehicle segment overall. Now we wait eagerly to see what’s next!


Will there be any new exterior colors?

I’ve heard rumors that GMC was considering introducing some new paint shades for the 2024 model before orders were stopped. Maybe something more vibrant than the typical white/black/silver. It would have been cool to see some new hues shaking things up.

What was the payload and towing capacity?

If I remember right, the max payload rating on the 2024 Sierra HD Chassis Cab was around 15-16,000 lbs depending on configuration. Towing capacity was no slouch either, with a towing package allowing for over 30,000 lbs behind it. Some serious muscle for the work it was built for.

What engine and transmission options were there?

Two engines were offered – a 6.6L gas V8 or 6.6L diesel V8. Both paired with a heavy-duty 6-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels. The diesel in particular was a torque monster perfectly suited for hauling and towing big loads every day.

Were there any special upfit packages?

I know certain fleet upfitters offered pre-packaged options to make the 2024 chassis cab even more customizable straight from the factory. Things like pre-wired toolboxes, ladder racks, or other specialized equipment could be added from the get-go.

How much did one of these trucks cost?

Pricing wasn’t exactly cheap since it was a heavy-duty workhorse. But a fully-loaded 2024 Sierra HD Chassis Cab could likely be had for under $80,000 depending on final specifications and any special upfits chosen. Not bad considering what it could haul!

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