The GMC Sierra EV Denali Gets a Range Boost and Shows Off Its Cool Moves

The highly anticipated GMC Sierra EV Denali is almost ready to arrive and it’s clear this electric truck has some impressive tricks up its sleeve. GMC recently announced the Sierra EV Denali will have an even longer estimated range than originally stated, coming in at a maximum of 440 miles on a single charge.

GMC Sierra EV Denali

This is a significant boost over the 400 mile estimate when the truck was first unveiled. With ranges this high, the Sierra EV Denali seems poised to be a serious contender in the emerging electric truck segment. Between its best-in-class range, high power and torque output, massive fast charging capability, and of course its show-stopping CrabWalk feature, it’s evident GMC designed this electric pickup to offer truck owners both utility and entertainment.

More Range for the Big Rig

So the other day I saw some news about the upcoming GMC Sierra EV Denali that had me pretty pumped. Apparently, GMC is giving their electric pickup truck more estimated range than they had originally said. When they first announced the Sierra EV Denali a couple years ago, they estimated it would get around 400 miles of range. Not too shabby for a big rig, but even better is that GMC now says it should get closer to 440 miles on a full charge!

GMC Sierra EV Denali

Now I know what some of y’all are thinking – there’s no way a truck can really go that far without needing to plug in. But GMC must be feeling pretty confident about that number if they’re boosting the estimate. I’m sure we’ll have to wait for some independent testing to know for sure what the real-world range is like. Either way, 440 miles is seriously impressive for an electric vehicle, especially a full-size pickup. Most EVs on the road today still can’t crack 300 miles without stopping to charge.

The Powerful Denali Edition

GMC also shared some more juicy details about the launch version of the Sierra EV Denali, which is gonna be called the Edition 1. And let me tell ya, it sounds like an absolute beast. In “Max Power Mode”, GMC says it’ll have over 750 horsepower and nearly 800 pound-feet of torque. Can you even imagine trying to merge onto the highway in that thing!? I’d be laying down some serious rubber for sure.

GMC Sierra EV Denali

They’re also upping the payload capacity to around 1,450 pounds, and bumping the maximum towing rating to a whopping 10,000 pounds. So whether you’re hauling equipment for work or toys for the weekend, the Denali should have no problem getting the job done. I’m real curious how much range it’ll lose when you’ve got a big ol’ trailer hitched up though. Either way, it’s clear GMC wants this thing to be the most capable electric truck on the market.

Super-Fast Charging

Another big selling point for the Sierra EV Denali is its crazy fast charging capability. It’s set up to take advantage of 800-volt charging architecture, which will let it juice up using DC fast chargers at up to 350 kilowatts. Now for those of us who aren’t battery engineers, what does that actually mean? Well apparently you’ll be able to add around 100 miles of range in only 10 minutes of charging. Can you believe that!? I mean, I usually need at least a pot of coffee to regain my energy after a long drive. This thing will be fully recharged and raring to go in the same amount of time.

GMC Sierra EV Denali

The fast charging is a real game changer, especially for truck owners who might be doing road trips or making long commutes for work. No more wasting hours at a charging station – you’ll be in and out lickity split. It definitely helps address one of the main concerns people still have about EVs and road tripping. Between the huge range and quick charging, GMC is really setting the Sierra EV Denali up for success in winning over truck and fleet buyers.

Check Out Its Cool Tricks

So we all know trucks are meant to work hard, but they can also play hard too right? Well it looks like the GMC Sierra EV Denali will be able to do some fun tricks besides just hauling and towing. GMC showed off a feature called “CrabWalk”, which allows the truck to literally crab-walk sideways like a big ol’ SUV crab.

GMC Sierra EV Denali

In CrabWalk mode, the rear wheels turn at the same angle as the front wheels but in the opposite direction. This lets the Denali shuffle sideways when you’re in really tight spaces or tricky off-road situations. Pretty handy! In the video GMC released, you can see one of their electric vehicles effortlessly scuttling side-to-side in the snow like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Personally, I don’t know that I’d ever really need my truck to crab-walk. But it sure looks fun as hell! I can totally see myself showing off to all the neighbors, even if it does make me look like a bit of a dork. At the end of the day, isn’t having cool truck tricks just part of the experience? The Sierra EV Denali seems like it’ll be the life of any parking lot party with moves like that in its repertoire.

Final Thought

In summary, everything I’m hearing about the upcoming GMC Sierra EV Denali has me confident it’s going to be one heck of a electric truck. The huge range, powerful performance, and ultra-fast charging will definitely appeal to serious truck owners and commercial fleets. Plus the cool extras like CrabWalk show GMC’s not taking themselves too seriously and wanting to have a bit of fun too.

At a starting price right around $100k, it certainly won’t be a cheap truck. But for the range, capability and features you’re getting, it seems like it could be worth the investment – especially if you do a lot of driving for work. I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on the Denali as it hits roads later this summer. There’s a chance it might just be the electric truck to finally make me make the switch from gas.


How much will the GMC Sierra EV Denali cost?

GMC has announced the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 launch version will start at $99,495, including destination fees. Pricing for other trims was not provided but will likely be competitive with other electric trucks on the market.

What is the towing and payload capacity?

The Sierra EV Denali will be able to tow up to 10,000 pounds, exceeding most gas trucks. Payload capacity is also strong at 1,450 pounds. While exact range figures while towing are unknown, its high battery capacity should allow for respectable range even with heavy loads.

How long will it take to charge?

Thanks to 800-volt fast charging capability, the Sierra EV Denali can gain around 100 miles of range in only 10 minutes on a DC fast charger rated up to 350kW. Public charging will also be supported on slower Level 2 stations, but road trippers will appreciate its lightning quick fast charging times.

What is CrabWalk and how does it work?

CrabWalk allows the rear wheels to turn at the same angle as the front wheels but in the opposite direction. This enables the Sierra EV Denali to literally “crab walk” sideways when more maneuverability is needed such as in tight spaces. It’s a unique feature that should make tricky parking jobs or off-roading a breeze.

When will it be available for purchase?

GMC has stated the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 models will begin production in late 2022, with first deliveries expected in summer 2023. Additional trims should follow in the coming years. Interested customers can sign up on the GMC website to receive the latest availability and ordering information.

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