Upgrade Your GMC Sierra With a Big Brake Kit

If you’re looking for a more aggressive look for your GMC Sierra, you can’t go wrong with a big brake kit. Whether you want to add slotted rotors, drilled rotors, or black calipers, the GM brake package will add the stopping power you need.

Brembo(r) front brake upgrade package

A Brembo(r) front brake upgrade package is a great way to improve your GMC Sierra’s stopping power. This upgrade system includes larger, heavier-duty rotors and six-piston fixed aluminum calipers. The rotors are also hardened for corrosion resistance and reduced vibration. This package is also designed to reduce pedal force at maximum deceleration, which is an important factor in braking safety.

The Brembo Performance Brake Upgrade System is available for a GMC Sierra and other GM trucks and SUVs. The kit includes a red two-piece caliper and large vented rotor, which improves braking power and provides better control when hauling loads. This upgrade system is certified by GM for quality and performance, and it is easy to install.

Brembo(r) TC6R monoblock calipers

If you are looking for better stopping power and pedal feel, look no further than a Brembo(r) TC6R brake kit. The TC6R brake system has been designed by a team of engineers at Brembo. They spent over one thousand and fifty hours in the R&D laboratory, testing and validating the rotors to achieve the highest levels of strength, durability, and fatigue resistance. The system has been tested and approved by GM, so you can be confident in the brakes’ performance.

The TC6R brake kit is a high-performance solution that utilizes 16-inch rotors, making it compatible with most 20-inch wheels. It also features an OE parking brake assembly, allowing you to keep your factory parking brake. The TC6R brake kit also integrates with the original equipment master cylinder output and ABS function, ensuring a perfect fit. The TC6R kit gives you better control of big wheels and tires, and helps you maintain a safe stopping distance on your heavy-duty vehicle.

BellTech drop knuckles

If you’re looking to lower the GMC Sierra with your big brake kit, then you should consider installing a BellTech drop knuckle kit. It will improve your truck’s handling and maintain factory ride quality. It also prevents excessive wear on your suspension. This kit is designed to work with lowered struts, air suspension, or coilovers.

McGaughys carbonPro box

For GMC Sierra 1500 owners who want to increase their suspension, McGaughys Suspension offers a selection of lift kits. Choose from one of two packages: the 13-inch or the 15-inch big brake kits. Both will work with your factory calipers and stock spindles.

The front-end lift kit is a great way to increase the ride height of your truck. The front-end lift kit will raise the suspension of the GMC Sierra and provide a higher ride height. This lift kit is compatible with GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500HD models.

AERO4 big brake rear axle kit

If you’re looking to upgrade your GMC Sierra’s rear brakes, consider the AERO4 Big Brake rear axle kit. This kit is designed to replace the factory disc brakes with oversized rotors and BP-10 compound pads. It also includes a significant upgrade to the truck’s suspension and wheels. Designed to work with OE factory spindles, this kit also features a modern, high-tech style and complements the front big brake upgrade.

You’ll want to consider the axle offset for this kit. There are several options available, ranging from.070 to.090 inches. Ensure that you have the proper offset for your GMC Sierra’s tires before you purchase.

Upgrade Your GMC Sierra With a Big Brake Kit for you.

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