How to Turn Off The Trailer Brake System GMC Sierra

Turn off trailer brake system GMC Sierra is a crucial skill for GMC Sierra owners, especially those who frequently tow trailers. The trailer brake system is a component of your vehicle specifically engineered to guarantee safety and stability during towing. Nonetheless there are situations where it becomes essential to deactivate this system.

The Trailer Brake System

Turn Off The Trailer Brake System GMC Sierra

The trailer brake system found in the GMC Sierra is a feature that improves the safety of towing. It functions by operating the brakes on the trailer with those, on the vehicle. This coordinated braking facilitates control, particularly when navigating downhill slopes or encountering halts.

However, the need to turn off the trailer brake system GMC Sierra arises in specific scenarios, such as when towing a trailer without its own braking system or when driving the vehicle without a trailer.

When to Turn Off the Trailer Brake System

Turn Off The Trailer Brake System GMC Sierra

Knowing when to disable the trailer brake system in a GMC Sierra is just as crucial, as understanding how to do it. Lets take a look at some scenarios;

  • Towing a Light Trailer; When you’re towing a trailer that doesn’t require additional braking power turning off the system can help prevent unnecessary strain on your vehicles brakes.
  • Driving Without a Trailer; When you’re not towing anything it’s best to deactivate the trailer brake system to avoid any confusion or potential errors, within the system.
  • System Malfunction; In instances when the system is experiencing issues it is recommended to switch it off until you can have it serviced.

Step by Step Guide How to Turn Off the Trailer Brake System

Turn Off The Trailer Brake System GMC Sierra

1. Start Your GMC Sierra

Make sure your GMC Sierra is parked in a location. When you start the engine it will power up the vehicles systems enabling you to adjust the settings of the trailer brake system.

2. Access the Dashboard Controls

The GMC Sierra comes with a user dashboard that contains control options. You can easily use the dashboard controls to access the settings, for the trailer brake system.

3. Locate the Trailer Brake System Settings

In the dashboard menu locate the towing or trailer settings. In this section you’ll discover options that’re relevant, to the trailer brake system.

4. Select the Option to Turn Off

In the trailer brake system menu, select the option to turn off the trailer brake system GMC Sierra. This option is usually clearly labeled and easy to find.

5. Confirm the Selection

Once you choose the option to turn off there might be a prompt that asks for confirmation. Just confirm your choice to make sure the system is indeed turned off.

6. Check the System is Off

Make sure to check if the trailer brake system of the GMC Sierra is deactivated. You can usually verify this by looking for a notification, on the dashboard display.

7. Drive Test

Take a test drive to make sure the system is turned off and that the vehicle is functioning properly. Keep an eye out for any behavior, in the vehicles braking system.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

System Won’t Turn OffRefer to the vehicle’s manual for specific instructions or system locks.
Dashboard Not RespondingRestart the vehicle and try again. Persistent issues may require professional assistance.
Warning Lights After Turning OffCheck all trailer connections and ensure the system is properly turned off.

Additional Considerations

Turn Off The Trailer Brake System GMC Sierra

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Manual

The manual, for your GMC Sierra is a source of information. It offers guidance and important safety measures concerning the trailer brake system.Familiarize yourself with the manual for a deeper understanding of how to turn off the trailer brake system GMC Sierra.

Regular Maintenance Checks

It is crucial to maintain your GMC Sierra especially if you often tow. This involves inspecting the trailer brake system to ensure it is working properly. By conducting checks you can prevent any emergencies or situations where you have to disable the trailer brake system in your GMC Sierra due, to a malfunction.

Safety Precautions

Safety should always be your top priority. When deciding to turn off the trailer brake system GMC Sierra, consider the weight and type of the trailer, as well as road conditions. Always err on the side of caution.

Professional Assistance

If you’re not confident, about any of the steps or if you face any difficulties while attempting to disable the trailer brake system in your GMC Sierra it’s always an idea to seek help from a professional. A certified mechanic or a GMC dealer can offer their expertise. Make sure that all the systems, in your vehicle are operating properly.

Staying Updated

Make sure to stay updated on any news or notifications regarding the trailer brake system of the GMC Sierra. Manufacturers frequently release updates to enhance the performance and safety of the system.

Why is My Trailer Brake System On?

Turn Off The Trailer Brake System GMC Sierra

If your trailer brake system remains on, it could indicate a few scenarios. Firstly, it might be a simple case of forgetting to turn off the trailer brake system GMC Sierra after detaching the trailer. On the hand it could indicate a malfunction, like a problem with the sensors or the wiring. Another possibility is that there might be a communication issue, between the cars computer and the brake system, which often needs expert diagnostics to be resolved.

What Does Service Trailer Brake System Mean on a 2015 GMC Sierra?

Turn Off The Trailer Brake System GMC Sierra

If your 2015 GMC Sierra shows the message ‘Service Trailer Brake System’ it means there might be a problem, with the trailer brake system. It could be something as a connection issue or something more complicated, like a malfunctioning sensor or electronic glitch. It’s important to deal with this to make sure your towing is safe. You might need to turn off the trailer brake system GMC Sierra temporarily and seek professional service to diagnose and fix the underlying problem.

Final Thought

Mastering how to turn off the trailer brake system GMC Sierra is an essential skill for any GMC Sierra owner who tows. This detailed handbook aims to equip you with the information and assurance to effectively handle this system. Always prioritize safety. It is crucial to have an understanding of your vehicles capabilities and limitations for a secure towing experience. Stay informed stay safe and make the most of your adventure with your GMC Sierra truck.


Is it safe to drive with the trailer brake system off?

Certainly as long as you’re not towing anything or if the trailer doesn’t necessitate braking. It’s always crucial to prioritize safety and adhere to requirements.

Does turning off the system save fuel?

Not really. The main reason, for shutting down the system is to meet the towing needs, not necessarily to improve fuel efficiency.

Can a faulty trailer brake system drain my battery?

Absolutely if a system is malfunctioning it has the potential to deplete the battery especially if it keeps running.

Will turning off the system void my warranty?

No you can rest assured that manually shutting down the system when necessary will not have any impact, on your vehicles warranty.

How often should I check the trailer brake system?

It is advisable to conduct inspections, at once a year or, before embarking on significant towing journeys to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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