How To Start GMC Acadia With Key Fob

One of the most convenient features of owning a GMC Acadia is the ability to remotely start the vehicle with a key fob. On cold winter mornings, nothing feels better than climbing into a warm, cozy cabin without having to get into the driver’s seat right away. As someone who hates how cold leather seats get in the winter, being able to start GMC Acadia with key fob from inside my home has been a real game changer.

Understanding Your Key Fob

The first step is understanding the key fob that came with your GMC Acadia. The fob allows you to remotely start GMC Acadia with key fob from outside the vehicle. It should have two buttons – one to lock the doors and one to unlock them. It may also have a button to pop the rear hatch or liftgate open.

The most important button is the one used to start GMC Acadia with key fob. It’s typically a button on the fob that has an image of an engine or car on it. To start GMC Acadia with key fob, you’ll press this button while standing outside near the vehicle.

Start GMC Acadia With Key Fob

Checking Your Owner’s Manual

If you’re unsure which button on the key fob starts the Acadia, double check your owner’s manual. The manual provides all the details on the key fob functions and how to properly start GMC Acadia with key fob. It will call out exactly which button to press and the range it works at.

Following the instructions in the manual is super important. Otherwise, you may press the wrong button and wonder why it’s not working! The manual is your best friend for learning everything about your specific Acadia model.

Ensuring The Key Fob Battery is Good

For the key fob to work and allow you to start GMC Acadia with key fob, the battery inside needs to be in good shape. As time goes on, batteries can weaken and die. If your fob seems flaky or unresponsive, replace the battery.

You can find replacement cr2032 or cr2025 batteries at most stores like Walmart, Target, or AutoZone. Swapping the battery only takes a few minutes. With a fresh one, your fob will have no problem letting you start GMC Acadia with key fob.

Start GMC Acadia With Key Fob

Checking The Vehicle Settings

Some Acadias have settings that need to be enabled for keyless entry and remote start. So before trying to start GMC Acadia with key fob, log into your Uconnect system and check the settings.

Look for options related to “Remote Start” or “Remote Keyless Entry”. Make sure these features are turned on. The settings may also specify how long the engine will run, temperature thresholds, and more. Tweak them as needed.

Practicing With The Key Fob

Once you understand your key fob and verified the settings and battery, it’s time to practice using it to start GMC Acadia with key fob. Stand outside the vehicle, but within range of the key fob transmitter, which is usually 30 feet or so.

Press and hold the designated start button. You should hear a chirp from the Acadia acknowledging the signal. Then, after a couple seconds, the engine should turn over and start up. If it doesn’t, don’t worry – keep practicing until you get the timing down.

With some trial and error, you’ll become a pro at being able to start GMC Acadia with key fob from a distance. It’s so handy during cold mornings so the interior can warm up while you finish getting ready.

Start GMC Acadia With Key Fob

Tips For Better Remote Starting

Here are some extra tips for making sure your key fob reliably allows you to start GMC Acadia with key fob:

  • Point the fob towards the front of the vehicle when pressing start.
  • Stand at the driver’s side door for best reception.
  • Don’t carry the fob inside a wallet, purse or bag which can weaken the signal.
  • If it’s not working, get closer to the vehicle and try again.
  • Replace the battery annually as a precaution.
  • Wash or wipe off the key fob if it gets wet which could impact conductivity.
  • In very cold weather, button presses may be less responsive so press firmly.

With a little practice and these tips, you’ll be a pro at using your key fob to start GMC Acadia with key fob with ease. Just remember to have your keys handy!

Common Issues When Starting

No system is perfect, so there may be times when you press the key fob button to start GMC Acadia with key fob and it just doesn’t happen. Here are some of the most common issues:

  • Low fob battery – Replace it!
  • Vehicle battery is low – Jump start the Acadia.
  • Remote start was disabled in the settings.
  • Fob is too far from vehicle or obstruction is blocking signal.
  • Engine needs to be fully warmed up first if temperature is very cold.
  • Remote start has exceeded its maximum runtime limit.

If you troubleshoot these possibilities, you should be able to get your Acadia started with key fob again in no time. Don’t hesitate to call OnStar or your dealer for additional assistance too if needed.

Start GMC Acadia With Key Fob

Staying Safe When Remote Starting

When using your key fob’s remote start feature, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Visually check that no one is inside or around the vehicle before starting it remotely.
  • Always carry the key fob on your person, don’t leave it inside the running vehicle.
  • If the vehicle fails to start remotely, don’t approach until you’ve pressed the start button again to turn off the attempt.
  • Watch for the vehicle lights to turn on as confirmation it has started successfully.
  • Never remote start the vehicle indoors or in poorly ventilated areas.

Following these precautions helps ensure no one is accidentally injured and that your Acadia is started safely with key fob. Use common sense when utilizing this convenient feature.

Final Thought

Being able to start GMC Acadia with key fob is such a luxury that I don’t want you to miss out on. Following the tips and guidance in this post should have you feeling confident using your fob in no time. Remote start is an awesome perk in the winter, so don’t be afraid to utilize it. Happy warming and enjoy your cozy Acadia!


Can I start my Acadia if the key fob battery is low?

If the key fob battery is very low, it may not have enough power left to send the signal to start the vehicle remotely. You’ll want to replace it before trying again. However, you can still use the physical key portion of the fob to unlock and start the Acadia manually.

What’s the range of the key fob transmitter?

Most Acadia key fobs have an effective range of about 30 feet. However, this can vary depending on your exact model year and any obstructions between the fob and vehicle. As a general rule, stand closer than 30 feet if it’s not working at the maximum distance. Line of sight is best but walls/objects shouldn’t block it within 30 feet.

Can two vehicles be started at once with two fobs?

No, the remote start system can only recognize one signal at a time. If you and your partner both tried starting your separate Acadias remotely at the exact same moment, it may cause interference and neither would work. Take turns or stagger the start times slightly to avoid any issues.

Is it bad to leave my car running with the remote start?

It’s perfectly fine to let your Acadia run for a period of time when remote started. In fact, that’s the whole point! The manufacturer has set safe run time limits, usually 10-15 minutes. Just don’t forget and leave it running indefinitely unattended. Be sure to return to the vehicle before the engine automatically shuts off.

What if my key fob gets wet – will it still work?

If your key fob gets exposed to moisture, it’s best to wipe it dry as soon as possible. Water can seep into the fob casing and potentially impact performance or even cause damage over time. The fob may still work when wet but signals could be weaker. Once dry, it should function normally again for remote starting the Acadia.

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