How to Remote Start GMC Truck

Who doesn’t love a toasty warm vehicle on a frigid winter morning, or one that’s nice and cool on a sweltering summer day? With remote start GMC truck, you can enjoy pre-conditioned comfort from the comfort of your home or office without having to stand out in extreme temperatures.

This handy feature allows GMC truck owners to remotely start their engine using a key fob or smartphone app. In this guide, I’ll break down whether your truck has a factory system already installed and how to use it. I’ll also cover installing an aftermarket remote start GMC truck system if needed and provide some helpful tips for using the technology safely.

What is Remote Start GMC Truck?

Remote Start GMC Truck

Remote start allows you to start your GMC truck from outside the vehicle, using a key fob or smartphone app. This is convenient when you need to let the vehicle warm up or cool down before getting in. It’s a great feature to have during hot summers or cold winters!

Do You Need an Aftermarket System?

Remote Start GMC Truck

Most newer GMC trucks come equipped with factory remote start GMC truck systems. You can check your owner’s manual or with your local dealer to see if your specific model already has this capability.

If not, aftermarket systems are readily available and provide all the same functions as an OEM setup. They’re relatively easy for professional installers to add on. I’d recommend going with a reputable brand for quality and compatibility with your vehicle’s electronics.

How to Use the Factory Remote Start

Remote Start GMC Truck

If your GMC truck has a factory remote start GMC truck system pre-installed, here are the basic steps to get it going:

  • Press and hold the remote start button on your key fob for 2-3 seconds. The parking lights will flash to confirm the command was received.
  • The vehicle will start and run for a pre-programmed length of time, usually 10-15 minutes. This allows the engine to warm up or the cabin to cool down to the preset temperature.
  • When the engine shuts off, it will re-lock the doors for security. You can also extend the runtime if needed by pressing another button command.
  • To drive off once it’s at the right temp, just unlock the doors with the keyless entry and get in – no need to insert the key.

Programming an Aftermarket System

Remote Start GMC Truck

Aftermarket remote start GMC truck systems require a bit more setup during installation. The technician will need to:

  1. Connect wiring harnesses to the vehicle’s computer and electrical components under the dash.
  2. Program compatible remotes or app controllers to the vehicle using a diagnostic tool. This pairs them to start the specific engine.
  3. Set parameters like run time limits, temperature thresholds, and arming commands.
  4. Test all functions to ensure smooth and safe operation before completion.
  5. Provide manual instructions for use and troubleshooting tips. Reprogramming may be possible later on too.

With an aftermarket system, you’ll want to carefully follow the manufacturer’s programming and setup instructions. Professional installation is highly recommended to avoid issues down the road.

Safety Tips for Using Remote Start

Remote Start GMC Truck

Remote start GMC truck is convenient when used properly. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Ensure the vehicle is in park and emergency brake is set before starting.
  • Never remote start if your GMC truck is parked in an enclosed area like a garage.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and clear any obstacles when using remote start to warm up or cool down the vehicle.
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain view when remotely starting, and always lock the doors for security.
  • Check local laws – some areas may prohibit using remote start if the keys are not present near the vehicle.

Troubleshooting Tips

Remote Start GMC Truck

Even the most reliable systems can run into issues occasionally. Here are some potential problems owners may encounter with remote start GMC truck and how to troubleshoot:

Remote not working: Check batteries, resynchronize if needed by following manufacturer’s steps. Consider reprogramming if issue persists.

Vehicle won’t start remotely: Ensure doors are locked and hood is closed fully. May need to reset security settings or have starter/ignition checked.

Engine runs but vehicle can’t be driven: Transmission safety measures may be active. Try unlocking doors and entering normally without pressing brake.

Runtime cuts off early: Check programmable settings and adjust if desired. Could also indicate low battery or other vehicle issue requiring diagnosis.

Features inconsistent: Reprogram remotes/controllers as wireless signals can lose sync over time. Update firmware if applicable.

Safety protocols not working: Recheck installation and make sure all harnesses/modules were properly connected during setup.

With some basic troubleshooting, most glitches can be resolved. Don’t hesitate to contact a pro if issues persist after checking the obvious things yourself. Proper maintenance also helps remote start systems last for many cold/hot seasons to come.

Final Thought

Remote start GMC truck is a convenient way to enjoy the perfect cabin temperature year-round. Just be sure to follow all safety precautions when using it. Proper programming and installation is also important, especially for aftermarket systems.

With the right setup and care, you’ll appreciate the comfort and convenience this feature provides on hot, cold, and rainy days. Whether you have a factory option or add one later, I hope this guide has helped explain how to take advantage of remote start capabilities for your GMC truck. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!


Can I remote start my GMC if it has a manual transmission?

Some aftermarket systems are compatible with manual transmission vehicles, but you’ll need to ensure the parking brake is properly engaged. It’s best to consult the manufacturer.

Will remote start work if my truck is low on gas?

Most systems have safeguards to prevent starting with insufficient fuel. It’s a good idea to always keep your tank at least 1/4 full when using remote start.

How far away can I be and still operate remote start?

Effective range can vary but is usually around 300 feet with no obstructions. Signals may not work reliably through thick walls or floors either.

Can I remote start and then remote lock my doors?

Yes, your truck will run for the preset time and then re-lock the doors automatically for added security when remote starting.

Will remote start damage my engine or battery over time?

No, as long as it’s not being overused. Most systems have built-in safety timers to prevent excessive run times. Your vehicle is designed to be started remotely.

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