How to Reset Your GMC Acadia Radio

Has your GMC Acadia radio been glitchy lately? Maybe the screen is frozen or your presets won’t save. Resetting the system is an easy way to potentially fix common issues like these. A reset essentially wipes everything clean and restarts your radio from scratch.

Figuring Out Why You Need to Reset

There are a few reasons you may need to reset the GMC Acadia radio in your SUV. The most common is if it seems frozen, unresponsive, or the screen isn’t working properly. Other signs that a reset may be needed include if your presets don’t save, the time and date are incorrect, or apps aren’t loading. Resetting essentially wipes everything clean and restarts the system from scratch. This can fix simple software glitches that cause odd behavior with the GMC Acadia radio.

How to Reset Your GMC Acadia Radio

Gathering the Materials

All you need to reset the GMC Acadia radio is a paperclip or something small and thin. I like to use one of those thin metal tools that comes with eyeglasses. As long as it’s small enough to fit into the reset hole, it will do the trick. Make sure to have it handy before you start the reset process.

Finding the Reset Button

To reset the GMC Acadia radio, you’ll first need to locate the hidden reset button. It’s discreetly placed on the front face of the unit, usually below or just to the side of the screen. Look for a tiny hole, about the size of a pinhead. On many GM vehicles, the reset button is in the bottom left corner. Use your paperclip tool to gently press the button. You may need to press firmly for a few seconds to trigger the reset. The screen will go blank as it reboots.

How to Reset Your GMC Acadia Radio

Waiting for the Reboot

After pushing the reset button, give the GMC Acadia radio some time to reboot. It can take several minutes to go through the whole reset process. Be patient – don’t turn the vehicle off or touch anything during this time. The display will come back on with the initial startup screen when it’s done. From there, it will go through basic setup menus again like when you first got your vehicle.

Going Through Setup

When the GMC Acadia radio finishes rebooting, you’ll be guided through basic setup. This includes steps like selecting your preferred language, connecting to WiFi if available, and more. The menus will walk you through the process. It’s a good idea to complete the setup fully rather than skipping through. This ensures the system is configured correctly from a fresh start.

How to Reset Your GMC Acadia Radio

Resetting Presets, Time, and More

After the initial setup, double check that things like your presets, time, and date are correct. You may need to reset these manually. To reset your presets, press and hold one of the preset buttons until it saves the station. Adjust the time and date in the settings menu. Check that apps are loading properly as well. If any issues persist, do another full reset. Otherwise, your GMC Acadia radio should be working like new!

Troubleshooting Tips

If the reset doesn’t fix problems with the GMC Acadia radio, there are a few other things to check. Make sure all speakers and wiring connections are secure. Update the head unit software if a new version is available. In really stubborn cases, a faulty head unit may need replacement. But usually a simple reset does the trick to resolve glitches over time. Let me know if you have any other questions!

How to Reset Your GMC Acadia Radio

Maintenance Resets

Even if everything seems fine, I recommend doing a reset of the GMC Acadia radio every 6 months or so as a precaution. This helps clear out temporary files and keeps everything running smoothly. A quick 5 minute reset can prevent minor issues from escalating over time. Think of it like a computer needing periodic restarts. Taking good care of your radio system will help it last as long as your trusty GMC Acadia itself!

Final Thought

With any luck, following the steps outlined here will have your GMC Acadia radio working like new again after a reset. Don’t be afraid to try this simple fix if you notice odd behavior from the unit. And be sure to do periodic maintenance resets to keep it performing well over the long haul.


What happens to my presets when I reset the radio?

Resetting the radio will erase all of your saved presets. You’ll need to resave your favorite stations after the reset by holding down one of the preset buttons until it saves. This is a quick process though once you’ve found the stations again.

Will I lose the settings on my phone after a reset?

No, resetting the radio won’t affect any settings or apps on your phone. It only wipes the memory and settings of the head unit itself. So you won’t need to redo any Bluetooth or app connections from your device.

How long should I wait after pushing the reset button?

Give the radio 5-10 minutes to fully reboot after initiating the reset. The screen will go blank, so just be patient. Don’t turn off the vehicle or touch anything during this time to allow the reset to complete properly.

Will I have to enter all my personal info again?

You may need to go through a brief setup for preferences like language, but you shouldn’t have to re-enter personal account info. The reset only wipes radio settings, not information tied to your GM driver profile if applicable.

How can I tell if the reset fixed the problem?

Check to see if the issue you were experiencing, like frozen screens or unresponsive buttons, has been resolved. Also verify that basic functions like audio playback and climate controls are now working normally again.

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