GMC ABS Brake Lights On – Solved 2024

Hey there folks, I wanted to share my experience with my GMC ABS Brake Lights on that I’ve been dealing with. Let me start from the beginning…

What Happened

So a few weeks back I was driving home from work like usual. About halfway home I started noticing that the brake lights on my dash were blinking on and off. At first I wasn’t too worried since sometimes those little lights just act up, but then I realized that my GMC ABS Brake Lights on were staying illuminated. Uh oh, that can’t be good.

I pulled over to take a closer look and sure enough, every time I pressed the brake pedal my GMC ABS Brake Lights on would flash. Now I’m no mechanic, but I know that’s usually not a great sign. The rest of the drive home was pretty sketchy with the brake lights blinking the whole time.

GMC ABS Brake Lights On

Taking it to the Shop

The next day I took it into my local mechanic to have them take a look. I explained that my GMC ABS Brake Lights on were flashing and staying on, and asked them to take a look under the hood. They hooked it up to their diagnostic tools and sure enough, there was an issue with the ABS system. After some testing they determined it was a faulty sensor causing the problems.

Getting it Fixed

They ordered the new sensor and had it installed in a couple days. The mechanic explained that a bad ABS sensor can definitely cause the GMC ABS Brake Lights on issue I was having. Luckily it was an easy fix once they tracked down the problem sensor. The total bill came out to around $450 which isn’t too bad considering it could have been a bigger underlying issue.

GMC ABS Brake Lights On

GMC ABS Brake Lights on Problem Solved (For Now)

So touch wood, but so far replacing that sensor seems to have done the trick. No more flashing GMC ABS Brake Lights on which is a relief. Only time will tell if any other ABS issues crop up down the road. But for now at least the problem is solved and I can hit the brakes without worrying what those lights will do next!

Checking the Sensors Periodically

One thing I’m gonna try to be better about is periodically checking my ABS sensors myself before they go bad. The mechanic said it’s a good idea to give them a visual inspection every oil change just to keep an eye out for loose wires or corrosion building up. That way maybe a problem can be caught early before the GMC ABS Brake Lights on start flashing. Preventative maintenance is always smarter than reactive repairs.

GMC ABS Brake Lights On

Checking Tire Pressure

Another key thing I’m going to be more diligent about is regularly checking my tire pressure. The mechanic told me low pressure can sometimes cause issues with ABS sensors too since they monitor rotational speed. I’ll start using my tire gauge every few weeks to keep the PSI where it needs to be. Proper inflation is so important for safety and vehicle performance.

Winter Driving Precautions

Now that winter is approaching, I want to make sure my ABS stays in top shape. Snow, slush and ice can work their way into vulnerable areas over time. I plan to give the whole undercarriage a good spray down after weekly drives to flush out debris. Come spring, I may have the brake fluid flushed too for an extra refresh before the heat of summer driving. Taking proactive steps like this will hopefully keep things running smoothly all season long.

GMC ABS Brake Lights On

Learning Experience

It was definitely a wake up call for me to pay closer attention to minor dashboard lights and changes in vehicle handling. In the past I may have blown them off as no big deal sooner. But this experience taught me that it’s always better to investigate potential issues right away rather than ignoring small signs.

Who knows, if I had put off pulling over that night, maybe the ABS system would have failed me at a more dangerous time. I’m glad I followed my gut and had it checked promptly. Now I have a newfound respect for things like ABS sensors and will aim to stay on top of routine maintenance.

GMC ABS Brake Lights On

Final Thought

I’m glad the problem is solved and I can get back to enjoying my ride without distraction. Fingers crossed the fix holds up long term. At least now I have some peace of mind knowing that if the GMC ABS Brake Lights on act up again, I’ll be able to catch it early before more serious damage is done. Thanks for reading – happy and safe driving out there!

Alright folks, I’m opening up the comment section. If any of you have ever had issues with GMC ABS Brake Lights on or anti-lock brake systems in general, please share your stories and lessons learned. Also feel free to ask me any other questions about my specific experience. The more we can help each other out, the better!


How can you tell if it’s specifically the ABS sensor going bad vs a different brake issue?

The diagnostic codes my mechanic pulled were very ABS sensor specific. But signs to watch for include flashing brake lights, pulsating pedal, and brake issues that come and go rather than staying constant.

About how much should I expect to pay for an ABS sensor replacement?

Labor is usually the bigger cost since it involves removing some parts to access the sensor. But the sensors typically range from $100-250 and most shops charge 1-2 hours of labor, so plan for a $300-500 repair depending on your vehicle.

What are some signs an ABS module itself may need replacing?

If multiple sensors fail, or the problems continue after replacing a sensor, the module could be at fault. Signs include abnormal pedal pulsation, odd brake behavior, or error codes that can’t be pinned to one sensor.

Can you fix it yourself or is shop work required?

Most ABS sensor replacements require disassembly that’s best left to pros. But some newer vehicles have more accessible sensors that a DIYer could potentially swap if very mechanically inclined.

Any tips to avoid this in the future after getting it repaired?

Beyond periodic inspections, driving gently is best – avoid hard stops when possible as ABS puts heavy strain on components. Addressing issues sooner also prevents further wear.

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