2007 GMC Yukon Brake Light Bulb Size Chart

If your 2007 GMC Yukon has brake lights, you may be wondering what size brake light bulb to use. You can use a brake light bulb size chart to determine the proper bulb for the socket. This will save you a lot of time and money. Alternatively, you can consult a dealer’s service manual to determine the proper bulb size.

CrystalVision ultra miniature lamps

Many vehicles today come with a brake light and tail light bulb in one. Over time, these bulbs wear out and need to be replaced. Sometimes, one brake light won’t work at all and you need to replace both of them. The following chart will help you find the right size bulb for your vehicle.

Philips Ultinon LEDs

If you’re thinking about replacing your 2007 GMC Yukon brake light bulbs, you should first determine which socket size fits which bulb. This will help you avoid installing the wrong bulb. There are three different bulb sizes: low, high, and fog. These bulbs will allow you to see more clearly at night and in foggy conditions.

Philips Ultinon LEDs for your 2007 GMC Yukon brake light bulb size have many benefits, including long lifespans. These high-power automotive LEDs are also easy to install, have a low working temperature, and bypass error checks that come with conventional bulbs. These lights can also be used in back-up lights, dome lights, and license plate lights. Moreover, Philips Vision LEDs are backed by a 12-year warranty.

Philips Ultinon LEDs for your 2007 GMC Yukon brake light bulb size provide bright, white, and crisp light, and are compatible with most US vehicles. They also feature a wide viewing angle, and 360-degree all-over light emission. They also feature a high-power 4014 LED chip that delivers HD projector technology.

Diode Dynamics LEDs

If you want to replace your stock brake light bulbs on your 2007 GMC Yukon, you should look into Diode Dynamics LEDs. These bulbs have a modern design and a cool white color to replace the old yellowish incandescent bulbs. In addition, these bulbs are rated with precise lumen figures and are made with current monitoring circuitry to ensure long life.

These bulbs feature CNC machined aluminum bulb bodies with double rubber rings to provide 360 degree adjustable beam patterns. They also feature double-sided copper PCBs that help dissipate heat away from the LED chips. Additionally, the aluminum cover has an IP65 rating, making them weather-resistant.

2007 GMC Yukon Brake Light Bulb Size Chart for you

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