Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit For 2007 GMC Sierra

If you’re looking to replace your rear brakes, you should consider a disc brake conversion kit. These kits are designed for extreme and off-road conditions. They are also suitable for your specific GMC Sierra generation. Just visit Wilwood’s website to find the right kit for your vehicle. You can also use their Year-Make-Model Lookup tool to find specific conversion kits for your GMC Sierra.

SSBC’s rear disc-to-disc conversion kit

The SSBC rear disc brake conversion kit offers up to 30% more braking power than the stock drum brakes. This upgrade is a great choice for 1/2-ton Chevy/GMC trucks with larger wheels. It gives the truck a more modern appearance and braking capability, and mounts right up to the stock axle. It comes with thick-walled stainless-steel pistons and premium quality USA calipers. The kit even includes an integrated parking brake.

Installing an SSBC truck stop rear disc brake conversion kit is a simple process that will take an experienced mechanic about half a day. The installation does not require welding or pulling axle shafts. The kit comes with detailed instructions and includes all the necessary mounting hardware. It works with GM 2002-present Silverado/Sierra 1500 pickups with factory drum brakes. To install the kit, measure the rear axle’s drum flange to ensure that it will fit.

The SSBC rear disc brake conversion kit uses new rotors, calipers, and shoes. It also includes stainless steel spacers and flex hoses to maintain a stock look. This upgrade kit will add more braking power and improve handling.

McGaughys Suspension is another option for GMC truck rear disc brake conversions. Their kits are designed to fit McGaughys drop spindles, lifted spindles, and stock spindles. They also reuse the factory calipers.

Wilwood’s disc brake conversion kit

The Wilwood’s disc brake conversion kit for the 2007 GMC Sierra will transform your truck’s front and rear brakes from conventional drums to high-performance disc brakes. These disc brake conversion kits come with drilled and slotted rotors to ensure maximum stopping power. These kits are made of aluminum alloy for lightweight, long-lasting performance.

These kits come with all the parts you need for installation, including the mounting hardware. Installation is easy and does not require welding or axle shaft removal. You can also buy individual parts, which saves you money. The Wilwood disc brake conversion kit for 2007 GMC Sierra fits pickups with factory drum brakes made from 2002 to 2009. You must measure the diameter of the drum flange in order to determine the correct fit for the kit.

The Wilwood disc brake conversion kit will work with most 15-inch wheels. If your wheels are not large enough for these disc brakes, you can sand them down to gain clearance. This kit is compatible with axles with 4.84 center register. It is not recommended for trucks with a lower center register than that.

GM’s 1500s with the 5.3L have front discs

The 5.3L engines in GM’s 1500s come with drum brakes in the rear. The 6.2L version has discs all around and has a different EBC control module that is optimized for disc brakes. A good shop mechanic can easily install a disc/drum conversion kit. It’s easy and won’t break the bank. It requires only basic tools and doesn’t require welding or pulling axle shafts.

In 2003, GM reworked the Sierra and Silverado. The Sierra received a slight rear end redesign and a facelift, similar to the HD models. The company also dropped the Chevrolet badge from the tailgate, but its SUV counterparts remained unchanged. In 2005, the company reverted to rear drum/front disc brakes on the GMT800 pickup. However, heavy duty trucks continued to use 4-wheel disc brakes.

GM has notified dealers of a defect in its brakes that can affect braking performance. The defect occurs when the vacuum brake pump does not generate enough pressure and leads to decreased braking performance. This could lead to a crash. The problem is more likely to occur when the driver is traveling at low speeds.

Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit For 2007 GMC Sierra for you.

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