Rear Disc Brake Conversion For 2006 GMC Sierra

If you want to install rear disc brakes on your 2006 GMC Sierra, you should first understand the differences between drum and disc brakes. You should also understand how to convert a Drum brake caliper to a Disc brake caliper. You will need to cut the existing hard brake line to convert to discs. In addition, you will have to bend a new hard brake line.

Drum brakes

Whether you want to replace your drum brakes with disc brakes or add power to your truck, a rear disc brake conversion will make a world of difference. The new brakes will provide up to 30% more stopping power. They are a big upgrade over the stock drum brakes and will give your truck a more modern appearance. The new brakes have premium quality USA-made calipers with thick wall stainless steel pistons. They also have an integrated parking brake. And, unlike a traditional conversion, they mount directly to your stock axle.

One big advantage of disc brakes over drums is that they are lighter. They are easier to work on and inspect, and they shed water more easily than drums. Plus, they’re easier to maintain, which is good news for your truck’s brake system.

The installation process is relatively simple. Firstly, remove the rear cover. Then, remove the C-clips.

Disc brake conversion kit

A rear disc brake conversion kit can change the look and feel of your truck. This type of brake system has many advantages. First, you can install newer, more efficient brakes. Second, you’ll no longer have to worry about squeaking brakes or slipping brakes again. Third, rear disc brake conversion kits are a great way to increase the braking power of your truck.

Wilwood offers several different disc brake conversion kits for GMC trucks. Some of these kits are specifically designed for off-road or extreme duty conditions. If you’d like to install disc brakes on your GMC Sierra, you can find a kit that matches your truck’s model and generation. Simply type in your truck’s Axle Flange and click “Search.”

Another great benefit of a rear disc brake conversion kit is that it doesn’t break the bank. Installation is a straightforward process and can be completed by an experienced shop mechanic in a half-day. The kit comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and braided brake lines. It also includes detailed instructions for proper installation.

Drum brake caliper

When your 2006 GMC Sierra rear disc brakes stop working properly, the brake caliper may need to be replaced. There are several options to replace the caliper, including buying a new one or buying a repair kit. You can purchase a replacement from Advance Auto Parts, a local store, or an online auto parts store.

You can use an aluminum drum brake caliper, which sheds weight and still maintains its shape in high temperatures. These brake kits also include performance brake pads and more durable metal braided hoses for great stopping power. For the Sierra’s brake pads, you can use Hawk Performance LTS Brake Pads.

The installation of an SSBC Truck Stop drum/disc conversion kit is easy and will take a good mechanic about half a day. The calipers are made in the USA and feature thick wall stainless steel pistons. The kit comes with all the mounting hardware and detailed instructions. For a 2006 GMC Sierra with rear drum brakes, you must first measure the rear drum flange to determine which kit will fit.

Installing backing plates

Installing backing plates for 2006 GMC Sierra rear disc brake conversion is relatively simple, but it will require you to pull out the rear end of the truck. Before attempting the installation, you should disconnect the brake line, which is held in place by a retaining clip. The backing plate itself is attached to the rear end housing by four bolts. To remove the backing plate, you can use a drum and mallet to remove it, and use a rotary tool to clean it.

The next step is to install the disc brake backing plates and axle. Be sure to torque the original drum bolts to 80 ft-lbs. To make the installation easier, hold the passenger side ebrake lever in the 6 o’clock position, and the driver side ebrake lever in the 3 o’clock position. Ensure that the axle nut plate is not oriented parallel to the NBS (it will be 45 degrees off-center). Reinstall the axle and dif cover and fill the brake fluid.

Once all of the mounting hardware is in place, you can install the brake pads. You can install the caliper using the axle retainer bolts, but make sure to apply grease to both sides before tightening them. You should also put lubricant on the sliding surfaces of the caliper bracket, and between the caliper back and the piston.

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