How to Turn Off That Annoying Speed Limit Exceeded Notification in Your GMC Acadia

We’ve all been there – you’re cruising down the highway in your trusty GMC Acadia, minding your own business, when all of a sudden that dreaded “speed limit exceeded” notification pops up on your dash. Ugh, not this again! While the notification is well-intentioned in keeping us safe on the roads, sometimes you just wanna go a lil’ faster than the posted limit without being nagged about it. Lucky for you, there are a few ways to turn off that pesky “speed limit exceeded” alert so you can drive in peace.

Step 1: Check Your Settings

Before doing anything else, it’s a good idea to check your vehicle settings and see if there’s an easy way to disable the notification there. In most GMC Acadias, you can access your settings by pressing the little button on your steering wheel that looks like a little screen. From there, look for options related to driver assistance systems. You may find one called “Speed Limit Notification” or something similar – toggle that sucker off and you should be good to go! Sometimes it’s the simple fixes that do the trick.

Speed Limit Exceeded

Step 2: Download the GMC Infotainment App

If fiddling with the settings on your dash doesn’t do the job, your next best bet is to download the GMC Infotainment app on your phone. This app lets you control all sorts of functions on your Acadia from the comfort of your smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded it and connected your phone to your vehicle via Bluetooth, open up the app and look for settings related to driver alerts. I’m pretty sure you’ll find an option in there somewhere to turn off the “speed limit exceeded” notification. The app makes it super easy to customize your ride from the passenger seat.

Step 3: Disable the Speed Limit Exceeded Recognition Feature

If the first two methods don’t work, it’s possible your Acadia has the speed limit recognition feature enabled, which is what’s triggering the notification in the first place. This feature uses the onboard camera to read speed limit signs as you drive and alert you if you go over the posted limit. To disable it:

  • Press the “Settings” button on your dashboard display
  • Select “Vehicle”
  • Select “Speed Limit Recognition”
  • Toggle it off

This should prevent your Acadia from detecting the speed limit in the first place, so it won’t be able to tell you if you “speed limit exceeded”. Problem solved!

Speed Limit Exceeded

Step 4: Use Cruise Control Strategically

Now this method isn’t technically disabling the notification, but it can help avoid seeing it so often. If you put your Acadia in cruise control mode, it won’t display the “speed limit exceeded” message unless you go at least 5 mph over the limit for more than 5 seconds. So by keeping your speed right at or below the limit when cruise control is on, you can drive slightly faster than usual without dealing with constant nagging. Just be mindful of speed traps!

Step 5: Try Resetting Your Infotainment System

As a last resort, you can always perform a full reset of your Acadia’s infotainment system, which controls everything on the dash display. This wipes all settings clean and sometimes disables features that were previously turned on. To reset:

  • Press and hold the “Volume” and “Seek” buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds
  • The screen should go blank
  • Wait a minute then turn the car back on
  • Set up the system from scratch

There’s a chance this could do the trick of stopping that pesky “speed limit exceeded” notification from popping up, even if the other methods didn’t work. It’s definitely worth a shot if you’re at your wit’s end!

Speed Limit Exceeded

Final Thought

And there you have it folks – five different ways to turn off the annoying “speed limit exceeded” alert in your GMC Acadia. I know from experience just how irritating it can be to constantly be reminded that you’re breaking the speed limit. But with these tricks, you can disable the notification and drive a little freer without the nagging. Just be safe out there! Let me know if any of these methods help solve your problem or if you have any other Acadia questions. Happy and speedier driving!


My settings and apps didn’t work, any other options?

If the settings on your dash and the infotainment app were duds, it’s possible your Acadia has an update available that could disable the notification. I’d check for software updates – there’s been times where an upgrade got rid of annoying features. It’s easy to check, just go into your settings and search for “update”.

Will this get me a ticket if I drive too fast?

NO man, turning off the notification just means it won’t pop up on your screen. The cops can still pull you over if they catch you flyin’! The feature isn’t actually limiting your speed or anything. Just use your best judgment on the roads.

What if I want to keep it on sometimes?

If you only want to disable it temporarily and not permanently, I’d say use the cruise control method. That way you can still get alerts on long road trips for safety, but avoid them when you’re in the mood to put the pedal down a lil’ more.

Will it mess up any other features?

Shouldn’t mess with any other functions on your Acadia. The notification is its own separate thing so disabling it probably won’t cause issues elsewhere in the system. Everything else should work the same.

How long before it turns back on?

Once you’ve turned it off, it’ll stay off until you enable it again yourself. The settings usually stick between uses of the vehicle unless something causes your entire infotainment system to reset, like if the battery dies or something. So it’s not like a temporary mute, it’ll stay disabled until further notice!

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