GMC Canyon Pickups Recalled Over Tight Nuts

So I was browsing the latest auto news and came across an article about some GMC Canyon pickups being recalled. Apparently there was an issue discovered at the factory where some front wheel hub bolts on certain GMC Canyon pickups from the 2023 model year may have been overtightened during assembly.

How Did They Find Out About This Problem With The GMC Canyon Pickups?

It’s interesting how these things come to light. The article said GM first found out about it back in November when one of their engineers at the assembly plant noticed some deformed bolts on a few GMC Canyon pickups and Chevy Colorados on the line. I guess after they made some change to the way those bolts are torqued during installation. Smart of that engineer to catch that – who knows what could have happened otherwise! After finding the issue, GM launched a formal investigation in January to look into it further.

GMC Canyon Pickups

So What’s The Actual Problem With The GMC Canyon Pickups Then?

From what I understand, the issue is that those front wheel hub bolts on certain GMC Canyon pickups may have been overtightened at the factory due to that assembly process change not being implemented correctly.

The article says being overtorqued could cause the bolts to deform over time. Yikes! If a deformed bolt were to break, that could put too much stress on the other bolts and possibly lead to a loss of vehicle control. Or if a loose bolt started making noise or causing vibration, that wouldn’t be good either. Scary to think what might happen out on the road.

How Many GMC Canyon Pickups Are Actually Affected?

Luckily it seems the number of GMC Canyon pickups with this potential problem is pretty small. GM said only 17 vehicles in total are part of the recall – which includes 14 Chevy Colorados from the 2023 model year, and 3 GMC Canyon trucks from early 2023. So not a massive recall by any means. It’s good they caught this issue early before more trucks could be affected.

GMC Canyon Pickups

What Will Be Done To Fix The GMC Canyon Pickups?

According to the article, the fix is pretty straightforward. Dealerships that service recalled GMC Canyon pickups will simply replace those left front wheel hub bolts with new ones that aren’t overtorqued. Simple solution to resolve the potential safety problem. Hopefully it’s an easy fix for owners and the issue is fully addressed. I’d want to get my truck looked at right away if it was part of a recall for something like that!

Have There Actually Been Any İssues With The GMC Canyon Pickups On The Road?

Even better, GM said they aren’t aware of any field incidents or customer complaints related to the potential bolt problem on the GMC Canyon pickups. So it seems the overtorqued bolts haven’t caused any real world problems thankfully. Probably because there were only a small number of trucks affected to begin with. Still a good thing GM caught it early in the assembly process before any drivers could experience problems.

GMC Canyon Pickups

What Should Owners Of Recalled GMC Canyon Pickups Do?

If you own one of the GMC Canyon pickups from the specific model years involved in this recall, you’ll want to contact your local GMC dealership to have them inspect your truck and perform the repair if needed.

The article mentioned GM will be notifying owners about the recall, so keep an eye out for that important notification letter in the mail. Don’t put it off – get your GMC Canyon pickup looked at right away so they can fix the potential bolt issue before any mishaps occur out on the road. Your safety is the top priority, so take care of the recall pronto.

Are GMC Canyon Pickups Generally Reliable Trucks?

From what I’ve read online in owner forums and reviews over the years, GMC Canyon pickups do tend to have a pretty good reputation for reliability when properly maintained. Of course no vehicle is perfect, but most Canyon owners seem to enjoy driving their trucks and don’t report too many major problems.

This bolt recall seems to have been an isolated assembly issue rather than a widespread design flaw. So if you’re considering a used GMC Canyon pickup, don’t let this one small recall scare you off – just make sure any truck you look at has had the fix performed if it’s part of the affected population.

GMC Canyon Pickups

Would I Ever Buy A GMC Canyon Pickup?

Honestly, a GMC Canyon pickup is a vehicle I could potentially see myself owning down the road. They seem to get pretty decent fuel economy for a truck, have enough cargo and towing capacity for light duty work and hauling stuff, and the newer models look pretty sharp in my opinion.

Plus the available V6 engine sounds peppy and fun to drive. As long as any GMC Canyon pickup I looked at didn’t have any unfixed recall issues, I’d be open to test driving one. You never know, it might end up being my next ride! But I’d definitely get this bolt recall taken care of first if it was one of the affected trucks. Safety first.

Final Thought

While this bolt recall on certain GMC Canyon pickups isn’t a huge safety crisis, it’s still good GM caught the problem early. A handful of trucks out there may have loose bolts down the road if unfixed. Owners of recalled GMC Canyon pickups should contact their dealer ASAP to get those bolts replaced. Overall though, GMC Canyon pickups seem like solid small trucks as long as any issues are addressed. You never know, I may be cruising around in one myself in the future!


How will owners know if their GMC Canyon pickup is affected?

GM will be notifying all owners of recalled GMC Canyon pickups by mail. The notification letter will provide details on whether your specific truck’s VIN number is involved. You can also enter your VIN on the GM or NHTSA recall lookup websites online to check. Pay attention for the recall notice – it’s important to get your truck inspected and fixed if needed.

Is it safe to drive my GMC Canyon pickup until it’s repaired?

GM says they have not received any reports of incidents from the overtorqued bolts so far. So it should be okay to continue driving your truck in the short term. However, I wouldn’t put off scheduling the free repair – get it taken care of as soon as you can since a loose bolt runs the risk of causing issues down the road. When in doubt, play it safe!

How long will the repair take at the dealership?

Most GMC dealerships are estimating the bolt replacement repair will only take 1-2 hours once your truck is in the shop. Since it’s a fairly simple fix of just swapping out the faulty bolts, it shouldn’t tie your truck up at the service department for very long. They’ll get you back on the road safely in no time.

Will this affect my GMC Canyon pickup’s resale value?

Minor safety recalls like this typically do not have a long term impact on resale prices according to most experts. The fix fully addresses the problem, and future buyers can easily verify online that the recall was remedied. So don’t worry too much about any hit to your truck’s value – what matters most is getting the bolts replaced for peace of mind. Safety first!

What if I’m having trouble scheduling the recall repair?

Contact your local GMC dealership service department manager if available appointment times don’t work for your schedule. Most are happy to help owners of recalled vehicles and may be able to squeeze your truck in sooner. You can also check with another nearby dealership for availability if needed. Don’t let scheduling delays keep you from getting this important recall fix – keep on top of it until it’s complete.

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