Will GMC Acadia Discount Programs Make the Higher Prices More Palatable?

The 2024 GMC Acadia is receiving some significant changes for its next model year, including the addition of a new base trim and increased prices across the lineup. GMC has dropped the entry-level SLE and SLT trims for 2024, with the new Elevation trim now taking the place as the lowest version of the midsize SUV. This new starting point comes with an MSRP of $43,995 before any applicable dealer incentives or GMC Acadia discount programs.

While this represents a sizable price hike over the 2023 SLE, the Elevation does gain more standard features, technology, and an upgraded turbocharged four-cylinder engine compared to outgoing models. With these updates, GMC aims to keep the Acadia competitive in the hotly-contested three-row crossover segment despite the higher base price.

A Look at the Changes Coming to the 2024 GMC Acadia

First off, it looks like GMC is dropping two of the lower trim levels from the current Acadia lineup. Gone are the SLE and SLT trims. This means the entry point into an Acadia is now the new Elevation trim, which starts at $43,995. That’s about $5,800 more than the starting price of the 2023 SLE.

Now, $5,800 is a pretty big jump to absorb all at once. However, the points out that if you compare the 2023 SLT, which started around $43,000, to the new Elevation, the price difference is only about $1,000. So in that sense, the new starting price isn’t too out of line when you factor in all the upgrades the 2024 model brings.

GMC Acadia Discount

Some of the key upgrades include more horsepower from a new turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine making 328 hp, an increase in towing capacity up to 5,000 pounds, and more standard safety and driver assistance features. Cargo space and rear legroom have also been increased substantially in the redesign.

When you consider all the GMC Acadia discount and incentives GMC typically offers, it’s very possible the effective starting price of the 2024 could end up being close to or even less than the 2023 once you start building and pricing a model. Incentives and discounts tend to be highest on new model-year vehicles early on.

What Else is Changing?

In addition to the new base Elevation trim, GMC is also raising prices on the other Acadia trim levels. The popular GMC Acadia discount AT4 trim, which is all-wheel drive only, sees the biggest jump and will now start at $51,395. That’s $6,600 more than the 2023.

The top-of-the-line Denali trim also increases in price by $6,195 to a starting MSRP of $55,695. Both the AT4 and Denali gain additional features, tech, and a boost in standard equipment to justify their higher price tags.

GMC Acadia Discount

Adding all-wheel drive to the Elevation and Denali trims will continue to cost $2,000 as it does today. So expect a base AWD Elevation to start around $45,995 and an AWD Denali to begin at $57,695.

Overall, it’s clear GMC isn’t being shy about raising Acadia prices substantially for the redesign. However, with a completely new platform, more power, and a significantly upgraded interior and feature content, the price hikes don’t necessarily seem totally unreasonable given today’s market conditions. Only time will tell how well the higher prices are received.

Should You Wait for GMC Acadia Discount and Deals?

With the 2024 Acadia just now hitting dealer lots, this is probably not the best time to find big GMC Acadia discount and incentives yet. Inventory will be low initially and demand may be high, so deals won’t materialize overnight.

However, based on typical new model introduction cycles, I’d expect we’ll start to see some better pricing opportunities emerge within 6 months or by the end of the current model year. This is when automakers tend to offer more attractive bonus cash, low APR financing, and lease deals to keep sales momentum going.

GMC Acadia Discount

If you’re not in an urgent need of a new vehicle and can wait it out a bit, my advice would be to hold off until this fall or winter before seriously car shopping. Chances are good the 2024 Acadia will qualify for some nice factory GMC Acadia discount programs by then to soften the impact of the higher MSRPs.

Patience will likely pay off if getting the best possible deal is a priority over being an early adopter. Of course, if you find an in-demand color combo in stock now, a dealer might be willing to negotiate a little. But your bargaining power will increase significantly once supply meets demand later in the cycle.

Should You Consider a 2023 Instead?

Another option worth exploring is whether any new 2023 GMC Acadias may still be available at dealers that didn’t sell out of their allocation yet. The prior generation model would avoid the new-model-year pricing premiums.

GMC Acadia Discount

It’s possible some incentive money could even be found on leftover 2023s as GMC looks to clear out inventory. And a 2023 SLE with the V6 and 8-speed transmission might actually be a comparable vehicle to the new base 2024 Elevation powertrain-wise.

The downside is you’d miss out on the extensive redesign updates like more power, new features, and increased interior space. But for someone on a tighter budget, a 2023 could offer a cheaper way to get into an Acadia in the short term, especially if paired with additional dealer GMC Acadia discount. Just be sure to thoroughly check availability in your area.

Final Thought

The 2024 GMC Acadia appears poised to continue being a very competitive offering in the midsize three-row SUV segment. The redesign takes an already solid package and makes meaningful improvements throughout.

While the higher starting prices may give some shoppers sticker shock initially, factoring in typical sales events and factory incentives makes the new entry point seem more reasonable. And waiting 6-12 months will likely unlock even better GMC Acadia discount opportunities.

Patience or considering a leftover 2023 could both be good strategies if you want to minimize costs. But the 2024 Acadia’s upgrades are enticing if your budget has room for the higher MSRPs. Either way, it remains a nameplate well worth keeping on the shopping list.


What’s new for 2024?

The Acadia gets a redesigned exterior and interior, more standard features, increased cargo and passenger space, and a new turbocharged 2.5L engine making 328HP. It’s also dropped the entry SLE and SLT trims in favor of the new Elevation trim.

How much is the new base price?

The 2024 Acadia Elevation has a starting MSRP of $43,995. This is about $5,800 more than the 2023 SLE but on par with the outgoing SLT once options are considered. Destination fee is estimated around $1,395.

When will discounts be available?

Incentives usually start ramping up 6 months after a redesign. I’d expect better bonus cash and financing deals this fall/winter once supply meets demand. GMC regularly offers military, student, and loyalty discounts too.

Are leftover 2023s a better deal?

Possibly, if you can find one. 2023s avoid the new prices but miss out on the redesign. Check for clearance sales and combine with any dealer GMC Acadia discount to get a good deal on remaining new 2024 stock.

What’s the most popular trim?

The mid-level AT4 is very popular for its off-road styling and suspension upgrades. It sees the biggest price hike for 2024 but also gains more features to justify the $6,600 increase over 2023 models. Expect it to continue being a top seller.

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